Lesbian Sex: Where Do I Start?

One of the questions that come most to time is about lesbian sex. Especially with the fear of experiencing it for the first time and lack of experience. How is it done? When should I do it? The truth is that lesbian sex (and sex in general) is not so complicated and you don’t need a recipe or instructions to get started. There are things that our body knows intuitively, such as eating or sleeping, why nobody had to tell you how to do that? Ok, at first your aim with the spoon might not be the best but everything is learned.

But where to start: The truth is that it is difficult to find information relevant to lesbian sexuality. If you are looking for lesbian sex on Google you can get a scare or get totally wrong ideas. So I have thought about trying to collect some tips before doing lesbian xvideos sex chat.

Lesbian Sex

Know yourself.

A long time ago, I remember that my mother told me that nobody can give what she doesn’t have. Our conversation was about love, not about sex, the idea was that nobody can make you happy. You can be happy and share the feeling with someone else who makes it bigger, but nobody can create your happiness, beeg that you create it yourself. Well, I’d like to implement that advice in sex. What have nothing to do with it? Of course they have to do! It’s as simple as anyone can know what you like sexually speaking if you don’t know it yourself.

In the lesbian chat you can chat about any theme that you can think of, as long as you respect the rules of the chat and do not get involved in chats of prohibited themes. If you are a woman and you are looking for other women, this is your room. Make new friends and why not, find your partner online.

Of course, after theory comes practice. And no, I don’t mean to jump directly to bed with your girlfriend (in case you have one) but to put what is said “get to work.” The female masturbation is still a taboo subject (yes, even in the times in XNXX which we are), but ladies, it’s something totally natural and not only that, it’s the best way to discover what you like and how you like it. How are you going to tell someone where to go if you have no idea yourself?

Lesbian Sex Chat

Choose a time when you are alone, when you are calm and in no hurry. A list of good music can help you get in the mood and explore has been said! Brush your body with your hands. Just try and repeat what you liked, your body will guide you, believe me you do not need to know any technique, you will discover your own.

So lesbian sex chat is great way to enjoy xhamster sexual talk with other person who are online and want the same.

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